The goal of the AI4EU on-demand platform is to bring together AI stakeholders and resources, overcoming fragmentation issues and encouraging the acceleration of AI-based innovations. Among the most fundamental objectives of the platform is to improve functionality to allow for the easy engagement of its stakeholders, namely SMEs. The EU-funded StairwAI project is targeting low-tech users with the goal of facilitating their engagement in the AI4EU platform. To that end, it will design and implement a series of AI-based services, such as natural language processing, constraint solving, optimisation and machine learning for horizontal and vertical matchmaking as well as reputation and fairness mechanisms to improve the matching results.

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Enhancing the AI-on-Demand Platform with Vertical Matchmaking and Benchmarking

The most fundamental need of the AI-on-demand Platform at this stage in its development is the introduction of improved functionality to allow for the easy engagements of it core targets stakeholders, namely SMEs. While additional resources and strong domain-specific solutions are also needed, it will be a wasted enterprise without a simple mechanism to match users to these assets. What is needed is a Stairway to AI, a linking bridge between users in a low-tech level to the higher-level AI resources that have the potential to transform both their business.

The StairwAI project targets low-tech users with the goal of facilitating their engagement on the AI on-demand Platform. This will be achieved through a new service layer enriching the functionalities of the on-demand platform and containing:





vertical matchmaking





Reputation, Fairness, and Benchmarking in AI

As companies around the world increasingly use artificial intelligence (AI) in their decision-making processes, there is an ever greater risk of creating or reinforcing unfair bias. This can have serious repercussions not just for individuals, but for a company’s brand reputation, employee satisfaction, sales and compliance with regulatory standards.


Cross-platform benchmarking of AI applications


Mechanisms for reputation and fairness

StairwAI Open Calls

Easing the Engagement of Low-Tech SMEs to the EU AI-on-Demand Platform

StairwAI will enrich the AI-on-demand platform services through a service layer that will enable natural multi-language interaction and perform automatic matchmaking between users’ (SMEs) requirements and assets of the AI-on-demand platform (cloud providers and AI experts), to meet the users’ business needs.


Open calls for low-tech SMEs


AI experts and talents provide skills


Cloud providers deliver infrastructure access

Have an AI project?

StairwAI will launch another Open Call for SMEs that do not have immediate access or knowledge on AI techniques, to improve their processes, services, or value chains. AI experts and HPC cloud providers are invited to apply for our Expression of Interest and can receive up to EUR 24K.

Are you an AI Talent looking to provide services to SMEs?

AI experts capable of supporting the AI development activities required by low-tech SMEs selected in the 1st and 2nd Open Calls.