Artificial intelligence will ultimately create highly autonomous systems which are already changing the way we work, interact and ultimately live. BCA’s mission is to ensurethat AI will benefit the whole society, not just a select fewWe will work towards building open technology platforms to support distributed artificial intelligence marketplaces.

We will empower innovators, data scientists, and developers collaborating to build and trade value, while creating safe, robust, and beneficial AI aligned with societal goals. BCA, is established as a Swiss non-profit association and pursues the following non-commercial goals.


Increasing knowledge and understanding of the distributed artificial intelligence systems development across governments, universities, startups, SMEs, and industry
Develop an open platform technology and infrastructure for a distributed artificial intelligence marketplace.
Promoting research into decentralized and distributed artificial intelligence from cloud to edge devices.
Foster the adoption of trustworthy AI within industry.

Our Activities

  • Build and promote a decentralized, multi-party AI ecosystem in Europe reducing fragmentation across researchers, start-ups, SMEs, and industry with the capacity to set the course of AI for the benefit of society
  • Create an AI Communitywith national and European AI strategist and policy makers
  • Prepare joint proposal for new EC funding programs and facilitate consortium building
  • Monitor and disseminate relevat national and European level AI funding opportunities to encourage industrial competitiveness especially of non-tech sectors
  • Implement joint dissemination activities for funded European projects
  • Foster European investments in AI through use-case experiments of innovators and integrators
  • Enable innovative ICT-based companies and technologies to adopt trustworthy AI while reaching investment maturity and market introduction readiness using AI based business models
  • Shape a more industry-lead view of AI research programs focused on delivery of products and services
  • Increase networking between the deep-tech AI start-up ecosystems and the larger European business ecosystems

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    Associated EU R&D projects in artificial intelligence

    H2020 2M EUR Funding

    Natural human computer interaction on DSP based embedded platform with automotive demonstrator

    H2020 4M EUR Funding

    Ultra low-power mobile computer vision platform based on VPU for computer vision  and deep learning

    H2020 5M EUR Funding

    Distributed AI marketplace for the development of smart CPS systems using artificial intelligence

    H2020 20M EUR Funding

    European AI ecosystem to transform knowledge, algorithms, tools and resources available into compelling solution for users